Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Han Solo and the Innappropriately Monickered Droid

 What a picture, look -  Harrison Ford and a Crystal Skull!
This ends with Han and Chewie going to borrow money from a gangster called Jabba the Hutt.
Mmmmmm, I smell canon!
However the biggest problem with all Star Wars novels (and Star Trek and I'll be honest Tolkien and Terry Brooks and Doctor Who and any other fantasy novel you care to quote) is giving names to characters.
Often they sound a bit like another word or name.
In this book we have Hasti (is this a quick thinking character or was Mr Daley rhyming with Pasty?)
Badure (Badger?)

But all of these pale into insignificance...
See below for Han Solo's inappropriately named droid. This is from the blurb at the front.
In the later novels (I think this is the first - feel free to correct me) the droid is called Zollux - someone must have told Mr Daley, what a shame.
It means that sentences like the one below would never happen again.

And this just seems wrong...

And my absolute favourite...
Hmmm "gleaming Bollux"
Did he have a sack, back and crack?

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