Friday, 28 October 2011

Why 99p Store is the best shop in the world - your very own Wicker Man Hand of Glory!

Poundland don't sell this!
99p Store are better than Poundland it is official.
In fact if you can point out a shop that sells a Hand of Glory for less than 99p then do tell.
Look! Compare with the picture below it looks exactly the same!

I plan to recreate this moment at tomorrow's Halloween Party.
Admittedly the kids won't get the reference but who cares!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Thor and Twinkies Save the Earth - But Can Twinkies be trusted? (Twinkie Mind Control exposed!)

Branagh missed a trick in his recent adaptation of Marvel's Thor.
Twinkies distract the baddie whilst Thor smashes the dangerous machinery.
I still don't have a clue what a Twinkie is but have heard references to them in Zombieland, Ghostbusters and Die Hard.
They must be pretty amazing.
Now I've looked up an American commercial to throw some light on this.
Call it research if you will.
I've changed my mind!
Twinkies are evil. And for Thor to team up with them makes me very concerned.
Look! Twinkie the Kid tells us that little kids can see him.
Then the child asks the mother if she would like to try a Twinkie like some evil little drug pusher.
And then... then... oh the humanity...
"Can you see him now Mummy?"
And with a slightly sad bewildered look Mother replies "I'm beginning to..."
Was this commercial drected by Larry Cohen? It's like "The Stuff" for heavens sake!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

The A-Team and Star Wars together at last! The Bad Guys in an Action Figure mash-up!

What is inside this old tin of Quality Street?
Let us open it and take a look.

Star Wars figures and for some reason a small bottle of rum.
This must be from my youth.
I wonder what is written on that list?

Ah it appears to be an inventory of the figures in the tin.
I shall just turn it over.
Wait a moment, what is that at the bottom?

Aside from "Thingy" and "Jabba Weirdo" two lesser known characters from the Star Wars canon, there are 4 "Bad Guys" from the A-Team.
Let's take a look.
Gosh they look mean.
Were they from the original series or are they simply generic bad guys?
Actually these were made as oppostion for the set of A-Team figures.
I don't have the A-team I only have "The Bad Guys".
I got them from Woolworths in a sale.
I thought they would fit in with my Star Wars figures, they are the same size after all.
I had to look this up on the net, I found out their names (I didn't keep packaging, I was a normal child and played with my toys).
This is Cobra.
What's wrong with his eye?

This is Rattler.
He looks quite kind actually. Maybe he's a gardener.
And here's Python.
Another Bad Guy with an eye problem.
And Viper.
Or Groundskeeper Willie.
Actually this guy is pretty detailed.
Looks like the kind of guy you might meet down the pub.
So yes I did put these bad guys (who were bereft of their destined opposition) to work for the Empire.
Seemed right.
Of course we all remember the scene in Jabba the Hutt's Palace (I wasn't rich so I used my garden for this) where he met with Bounty Hunters including The Bad Guys from the A Team.
And on the Forest Moon of Endor who could forget The Bad Guys lending a hand to Darth Vader's shenanigans?
They were mean.
 They were tough.
I had no idea who the hell they were supposed to be from the series,
but like Emily loved Bagpuss
I loved The Bad Guys...