Sunday, 16 October 2011

Thor and Twinkies Save the Earth - But Can Twinkies be trusted? (Twinkie Mind Control exposed!)

Branagh missed a trick in his recent adaptation of Marvel's Thor.
Twinkies distract the baddie whilst Thor smashes the dangerous machinery.
I still don't have a clue what a Twinkie is but have heard references to them in Zombieland, Ghostbusters and Die Hard.
They must be pretty amazing.
Now I've looked up an American commercial to throw some light on this.
Call it research if you will.
I've changed my mind!
Twinkies are evil. And for Thor to team up with them makes me very concerned.
Look! Twinkie the Kid tells us that little kids can see him.
Then the child asks the mother if she would like to try a Twinkie like some evil little drug pusher.
And then... then... oh the humanity...
"Can you see him now Mummy?"
And with a slightly sad bewildered look Mother replies "I'm beginning to..."
Was this commercial drected by Larry Cohen? It's like "The Stuff" for heavens sake!

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