Sunday, 15 January 2012

Brilliant Mash-ups 3 - Spiderman versus Megatron! Transformers and Spiderman...

I bought this comic when I was 11.

I remember the little corner shop in Corfe Mullen (Dorset) next to Lockyers Middle School, just by the Recreation ground.  I wonder if it's still there. I'd pick up this comic every Friday after school for about seven issues but then I ran out of money.

I got very litle pocket money and so supplemented my income (which was my age in pence per week - so 11p at this point) by singing in the choir, this meant I could afford the occasional Fighting Fantasy Gamebook and buy the Transformers comic. I never had a Transformers toy and nor did I watch the cartoon. I loved the comics.

Transformers were with Marvel at this time, I wonder if the films would have been better if they stayed that way. In this story Sam Whitwickey's Dad (who is a mechanic) is kidnapped by the Decepticons to work for them on refining fuel or something. Spiderman aids in the rescue.

He teams up with Gears.

Spidey is as cheeky as ever (I think that's why I liked him, Superman and Batman were so po-faced in the eighties). Notice the black suit (I didn't follow Spidey in comics but did watch Spiderman and his Amazing Friends (which I loved and still love) so this suit that was operated telepathically was super cool news to me).

Spidey is not phased by any of this, he initially doesn't know the Autobots are goodies but once he knows the truth is quite happy to wrap Megatron up in webbing...

Such happy memories.

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  1. you have a link or something to download this comic? ahaha