Sunday, 11 September 2011

Indiana Jones was my Teacher - Spin off Edutainment

We all wanted to be taught by Indy.
From the spod who left the apple to the harlot with writing on her eyelids.
This book plunges you into his classroom at Marshall College, New England.
You too can be taught by this great man before he takes time off to battle Nazis, find lost treasure and make the beast with two backs with some floozy.
Exciting isn't it!
Look at that!
In this book Indiana Jones will take us back in time!
This isn't just some text book with added pictures of Harrison Ford in his costume! Oh no!
His lessons are inspirational.
He'd get an outstanding in an OFSTED that's for sure. (This is true for he would surely be linking his pedagogy to the world of work (Archaeology), something that is smiled upon greatly by the Gods of Education).
You don't believe that Indiana teaches in the real world? Check out the statement below!

See, straight from the horses mouth.
You can almost smell the leather jacket...

To be serious for a moment, Indiana Jones really did ignite my interest in history and archaeology. The guy made museums sexy.
BUT when they tried to do it on purpose in the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.
I saw through them.
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles was like watching a bored flagging teacher borrow the techniques of an incredible and vital inspiring teacher. The thing about any education that could have occurred in the original films was that it happened by accident. The best lessons allow students to discover and learn themselves,  they don't need to spell it out. "YOU ARE LEARNING! I AM TEACHING YOU NOW!"

To be honest this should happen more often in our classrooms. In fact I wish I was more like Doctor Jones, not the fusty professor of this book or the one from the start of Raiders of the Lost Ark, but the one out there teaching with his actions, teaching by example, teaching by living his life. 
Indy made me want to be a teacher.
I blame you for this Indy!
Damn you!

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