Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Continuing Adventures of Santa Claus - Santa Claus and Mr Snow

Now this is definitely true.
The telling of this is almost documentary like in it's authentcity.
Actually this is so Christmassy you can smell the mince pies. Lean closer, go on! Sniff! Lick the screen! You taste that? That's Christmas.
Santa gets stuck, how will the children get their toys?

He gets stuck next to a snowman...

Using magic he brings the snowman to life!
The snowman helps him out of the snowdrift
AND helps to deliver all the right toys to all the right boys
and all the right toys to all the right girls!

There are various toys including some medicine for a small
alcoholic child suffering from DTs...
Above is one of her tragic hallucinations...

FACT: Father Christmas ALWAYS uses a magically animated snowman to help with the delivery of all the presents to all of the children.

Very Canon
Very Christmas

Now watch it again

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