Friday, 23 December 2011

The Snowman - Which Intro is Canon?

There are three possible openings to this classic animation which everyone in the world must watch at 4pm tomorrow.
The first two came at the same time.
Firstly we see Raymond Briggs walking through the landscape that inspired him and talking of remembering the snow which gives the following cartoon a real autobiographical edge.

Then there is the version with David Bowie who goes into a loft (presumably of the house in the cartoon) talks of snow and then picks up the scarf that James gets from Santa indicating that David Bowie is the boy from “The Snowman”.  Incredible.

Finally we have an animated version from the 20th anniversary edition in which Santa backs up his version of the story. He was there, he met James…

There is no argument, the cartoon is a documentary, it happened. Raymond Briggs and Bowie are clearly childhood friends, David Bowie is James and Santa is real. FACT.

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